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Maj. Evan Youngblood Bio

Major Evan Youngblood is the Commander of the Shawnee Composite Squadron. Major Youngblood joined CAP as a senior member in 2012. An FAA pilot since 2007, Youngblood became involved as a Cadet Orientation Pilot and began working towards aircrew positions. Major Youngblood has since moved to head the Group 1 Orientation Flight program. Youngblood serves as the squadron’s aircrew coordinator as well as orientation flight coordinator.

Outside of CAP, Youngblood owns an IT services company, is a Past President of the Herrin Chamber of Commerce, and Young Eagles Coordinator for the Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 277.

Education & Experience

2017 – Unit Commander’s Course
2017 – Region Staff College
2016 – Corporate Learning Course
2012 – Squadron Leadership School
2004 – B.S. Information Systems Technologies – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale


Commander – Shawnee Composite Squadron
Orientation Flight Officer – Group 1
Transportation Officer – Shawnee Composite Squadron
Web Security Officer – Shawnee Composite Squadron

Aircrew Qualifications

Mission Pilot
Transport Mission Pilot
Cadet Orientation Pilot
Mission Observer
Mission Scanner

Emergency Services Qualifications

Flight Release Officer
Urban Direction Finding*
Ground Team 3*
Mission Staff Assistant*
Mission Radio Operator*
Flight Line Marshaller*

* Trainee Status

Awards and Decorations

2015 – Senior Member of the Year, Shawnee Composite Squadron
2014 – Senior Member of the Year, Group 1
2013 – Senior Member of the Year, Shawnee Composite Squadron
2012 – Senior Member of the Year, Shawnee Composite Squadron
Achievement Award with Bronze Clasp
Benjamin O. Davis Award
Search “Find” Ribbon, Aircrew, with two Devices
Unit Citation Award
Encampment Ribbon with Device
Orientation Pilot Ribbon
Counterdrug Ribbon

Effective Dates of Promotion

6 February 2017 – Major
10 December 2013 – Captain
28 March 2012 – 1st Lieutenant

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