Civil Air Patrol

Shawnee Composite Squadron Cadet Becomes the Youngest Pilot in the Nation

Leading up to his 17th birthday, all Cadet Nicholas Mechler could think about was getting his license – not his driver’s license, but his pilot’s license. Cadet Mechler, a junior at Carbondale Community High School, spent his 17th birthday taking the required examinations, and successfully soared into the air on Friday, March 24th becoming the […]

CAP Celebrates 75 Years of Serving America

In the early 1940s, officials knew that America would get involved in World War II; it was just a matter of when.  Gill Robb Wilson envisioned mobilizing America’s civilian aviators for national defense, an idea shared by others as well.  On December 1, 1941, the Civil Air Patrol was born and it couldn’t have come […]

Squadron hosts Field Training Excercise

Welcome to the Shawnee National Forest located in Southern Illinois.  Home of 200 foot cliffs, rugged terrain, hundreds of thousands of acres of thick woods, and some of the most beautiful sights in the nation.  However, throughout the year, hundreds of people get lost or go missing in the forest. The Shawnee Composite Squadron frequently […]

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